Still unworthy, but back.

I am living up to my blog name. I am unworthy in many aspects, but blogging is obviously and most appropriately at the top of the list. I am ashamed that I have waited more than nine months to write anything here. Well, starting today, that changes.

My husband and I are using November to motivate us as blog writers. We pledge to make November our comeback month for blogging, vowing to write every day for thirty days.

It’s not going to be easy for me, and here’s why:

I am an unworthy blogger in every possible sense of the title. I rarely (never) write, largely because I have never found a greater purpose in my blog writing. I never wanted to be the blogger who wrote just to say she has a blog. I also could never think of anything inspiring or important to write about, and as much as I denied it, I always wrote with a particular audience or critic in mind, which only masked my true voice from others and even from myself. Another reason why I don’t write is because I’ve been afraid to see the hidden truth in my words, showcasing my failure or my inadequacies to not just the world, but to myself. Well, this year has been a whirlwind (most of which I hope to discuss at some point on here), and it has led me to disregard what people think. I am who I am, and I do have worthy stories, especially from my recent travel experiences.

So, this month, as a starting point, I am going to blog about one of the only things in life about which I know I’m passionate: traveling. Tomorrow I begin chronicling the spontaneous overseas road trip my husband and I embarked on in May. As unworthy as it might be, I think you’ll be intrigued…and hopefully inspired. For at least the next thirty days.

  • Sandy Frykholm

    Come on, sister, put your words out there for the world! Blogging can be a challenge–I’m glad I set just a once a week schedule for blogging, because that is manageable, but I also re-blog within my subject area, to share interesting posts I find. so let’s hear this voice of yours! Buona fortuna! Sandy

    • Amy

      Thanks, Sandy!

  • Bek

    YEY!!!! You’re back! I’ve missed you, amiga!!!