Unfortunate News…

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. Things have been a bit crazy. Also, I’ve been avoiding sharing some recent unfortunate turn of events, but the time has come to share some news.

I had reached out to my employer a few months ago about my missions trip to Hungary this summer, and she said that they would not be able to let me go to Hungary and keep my job. Hungary was so important to me that I chose to give up my job, something I have done for six years to help provide for our family.  I knew Hungary would be an amazing opportunity and a lifelong investment, and I was excited to take a leap of faith, quit my job, and go on this journey! Friday was going to be the day I handed in my two weeks’ notice.

That all changed.

Josh lost his job on Thursday evening, hours before I was supposed to hand in my two weeks’ notice.

It was completely unexpected. We were (and still are) shocked and devastated, to be quite honest. (for more info, go here.)

The next morning, I wrestled with the decision. Do I take the leap of faith and go to Hungary, believing that we will both find new jobs? I felt confident that God would provide for us financially (even though we also JUST found out last week that our renters in our house in Indiana were unexpectedly moving out, and we are now forced to pay two house payments a month). I knew we could overcome the financial part of that decision. But as I began to weigh the emotional implications of choosing to leave, I knew there was no way I could leave my husband at this time of difficulty and uncertainty. And I know he wouldn’t leave me if the situation were reversed. Family comes first; Team Walker is my utmost priority. I couldn’t and won’t leave my husband to bear the emotional and financial burden of this next step in our journey alone.

So, I have made the choice to keep my job and not go to Hungary. Honestly, I am crying as I write this because it was such a brutally difficult but necessary decision to make. I will keep you posted on the logistics as new information comes to light.

I am so sorry to have to share this news. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your support. It means the world to me.


Phil 3:14