Unfortunate News…

I know I haven’t blogged in awhile. Things have been a bit crazy. Also, I’ve been avoiding sharing some recent unfortunate turn of events, but the time has come to share some news. I had reached out to my employer a few months ago about my missions trip to Hungary this summer, and she said…

Guest Blog Post

I had the privilege of guest blogging for mrandmrsminister.com. I wrote a post titled, “Finding My Identity: The Struggle of Not Having Children in a Family-Oriented Culture.” http://www.mrsandminister.com/finding-my-identity/ Check it out! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Still unworthy, but back.

I am living up to my blog name. I am unworthy in many aspects, but blogging is obviously and most appropriately at the top of the list. I am ashamed that I have waited more than nine months to write anything here. Well, starting today, that changes.

Life Lessons from the Teleferico

Last August I visited Bek, an immeasurably dear friend of mine who was working and living in Caracas, Venezuela. I could devote an entire year’s worth of blog posts to this weeklong visit—and I probably will at some point—but there is a specific event that took place, about which I am writing today.

I tweet; therefore, I am awesome.

Twitter fascinates me.  I love the spontaneity of its design, the impulsivity and rapidness of it, how it encourages one to quickly broadcast and document their everyday musings and opinions without giving much thought into what is said. I love the vastness of Twitter and how I am able to keep up with not only…